Digression point #1

When I was about 12, my father came home with a clump of daylilies that he found growing somewhere.  I can remember my parents digging them up every few years, splitting the clumps with a sharp shovel, replacing half the clump back into the hole and then digging a new hole in a new location for the other half of the clump.  My parents loved them and they were growing in clumps all over our property.  They were all orange of course because they all came from that original clump.  They were H. fulva Europa and they are a species (wild) daylily.  When I bought my first house my parents showed up with their divisions in plastic bags and started planting them on my property.

One day in 1993 I arrived at my parents' house and they had a red daylily blooming.  What?  Where did that red daylily come from?  They told me it came from Holland (my parents are from Holland).  So in 1993 I found out that (a) there were such things as red daylilies; and (b) the red ones only grow in Holland.  :)  Well, before they sold the house I went over and dug up a piece of it.  Turns out that it is Crimson Pirate.

During the next 14 years I become only slightly more aware of daylilies.  I begin to notice that almost everyone has the orange ones, and a large number of homes also had yellow ones.  Newer colours start to show up in local nurseries and I purchase more varieties... Frans Hals, Autumn Red, Bertie Ferris, George Caleb Bingham, Luxury Lace, Little Wine Cup and Stella De Oro.

In 2007 I took a good look at my gardens, all of which were perennial beds.  I had neglected the gardens for about 5 years and they were pathetic because one invasive perennial had devoured everything in it's path - except the daylilies.  It appeared that the daylilies were the only plant that I had not wasted my money on. 

The daylily clumps were thriving in a variety of soils and light conditions after years of complete neglect.  Where sun had originally existed, shade from maturing trees was now dominant and still they bloomed!  I had found my new garden hero and decided that all future perennial dollars would be spent on daylilies.  I went back to the local nurseries and stumbled into Vanilla Fluff.  What!  A double daylily?  Are you kidding me?  Who knew?  I added about 20 new plants in the summer of 2007. 

By fall I had my first proliferation on You Angel You but I had no idea what it was.  I went online to find out what to do with it.  That weekend was HUGE for me.  I think I spent 2 days straight on the computer because I couldn't believe what I had fallen into.  It was daylily nirvana.   I was blown away by what I didn't know about daylilies!