The Daylily Photo Gallery!

(please respect the content copyright of the gallery) 

In the gallery pages you will see many photos of daylilies. 
Abbreviations are used so each page comes with a little cheat sheet seen below.

Each page comes with tabs that will sort the blooms by type.

To get additional information about the blooms a simple mouse roll over the photo will provide alternate text. 

In addition, I have added a zoom tool to the pages that will allow you to zoom in on a photo for better photo detail. 
The zoom function provides the same additional information about the bloom on the lower border. 
In the upper right-hand corner you will see a control bar. 

There are arrows to go backwards and forwards, a play function that will go through the photos like
a slide show, a drag icon so that you can move the photo and finally, an 'X' that will shut down the zoom feature. 

You can practice on the photos below.  Alternatively, one click zooms in and a second click will shrink it back down.