The First Test - Piano Man X Unknown; 5 seeds; December 2, 2007

Seeds straight from the fridge.  No pre-soak.  Water has diluted Miracle Grow fertilizer of 4 drops to 1 litre.  Germination times will vary even between these five seeds from the same cross.  The slowest seed did not show green until Day 16.

Day 1


Day 4


Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Although not obvious in the pictures, the largest seedling has lifted its seed casing off of the rocks and is supporting itself on its roots.  Also of note, the third seedling is a full 5 days behind the first seedling - and - the largest seedling was not the first but actually the second to make its appearance.  It seems to have more vigor after germination than its sib.

Day 12

Day 13


Day 14 - prepped 16oz beer cups with ProMix Seed Starter and added boiling water.  Waiting for final seed to produce some green.



Day 16 - the final seed is showing some green  

The last seedling has finally seen put to show itself.  It was probably Day 15 (missed that day for some reason) a full 9 days after the first seedling.

Week 10 (Feb 9/08) - they had one haircut to 4" between weeks 7-8.  Will probably get another to 8" in a couple of weeks.

* Note (a year later and a year smarter) - the haircut idea was a beginner's mistake.  I picked up some bad information on the internet.  In fact, it should NOT be done.  Seedlings need their green to absorb light and feed their roots.  The ONLY justification for cutting back on your green is if you reduce your roots equally (as in shipping plants).

Week 15 (Mar 16/08) - no trouble with gnats or bugs of any kind yet.  I have decided against any further trimming of the fans.

Disclaimer - this test was conducted with 5 seeds only.  Due to a shortage of seedling space indoors and 15 seedlings on the go already, I could not do more seeds this early in the season.  It will be late May before I can plant outside so it will be late March when I will have my window sills stacked with 2oz Dixie Cups.