The Second Test - 2 groups of seeds; February 11, 2008

10 seeds (Bordello Queen X Dan Mahoney) straight out of the mailbox;  8 seeds (Lighter Than Air X Superficial Sighs) from the fridge.  The BQDM seeds looked gorgeous when I took them out of the envelope.  The LTASS seeds looked dryer and a little wrinkled.

Day 1

After 48 hours an interesting wrinkle.  As soon as I removed the cover from BQDM I could smell the funk.  Gross!  Just as Eric described, its the smell of rotten potatoes.  Upon examination (I have lousy eye sight but I also have a 10x jewelers loop) it appears that 3 seeds have developed mold fuzz and a fourth seed has developed a haze that could lead to mold fuzz in another day or two.

I removed the 3 obvious seeds and created a fresh batch of water/fertilizer (initially used the same water mixed back in December which was probably not a good idea).  I drained the old water by suction with an eyedropper and replaced with the fresh water.  I left the fourth seed showing haze and will monitor it closely over the next few days.  Here's the group now (Feb 13/08) 7 seeds BQDM and 8 seeds LTASS which has started to swell back into their seed case.

Wow, more stuff happening at only 72 hours - some good, some not so much.  Bad news first.  More mold!  Two seeds were obvious.  That hazy suspect got worse, as suspected.  And another one had more moldy gray hair than an old man.   This time I did not leave any suspects.  I removed 4 more BQDM seeds but this time I gave them a quick bath in a diluted bleach solution and segregated them into their own new cup.  Eric told me last night that on occasion some seeds can be salvaged this way.  That puts me down to 3 left of the original 10 seeds of BQDM.  Bad batch of seeds?  They looked gorgeous when they arrived on Monday.  However, this was the first batch of seeds I've received that came with a disclaimer from the seller of any responsibility of mold damage.  Odd, no?

Now the good news.  YES!  Just 72 hours and LTASS has hit the rocks running!  2 of 8 are sprouting!

Day 4 - Three buckets; BQDM, LTASS and the potato bucket (potentially bad BQDM seeds that have been in the diluted bleach bath).

Spent the day at work today wishing I had a web cam on my seeds so that I could monitor their progress.  It just about kills me to wait until I'm home at 6pm to lift the covers.  On a positive note, today there was no funk.  All three containers were odor free.  Even so one of the seeds in the potato bucket looks like trouble.  It has dulled in comparison and has signs of new mold growth.  No mercy this time.  It has to go!

Day 4 - The potatoes; seed removal and adding some water

Day 4 - BQDM; we have a sprout!

Day 4 - LTASS;  another sprout and some greening on yesterday's sprouts

Day 5 - LTASS is up to 4 sprouts; BQDM still has 1; and the potato bucket is slipping into the point of no return.  Two seeds on your right are oozing.

Day 6 - This is the last viewing of the potato bucket (scum bucket).  The stench is back and the slime is multiplying.  There's no hope left.

Day 7 - BQDM;  of the 3 seeds left I think that I will only end up with one seedling.  I think the other two seeds are going off.

Day 7 - LTASS;  I'm up to 5 sprouts and the first 2 sprouts are starting their primary blade.

Day 8 - BQDM;  One lonely little seed out of a litter of 10

Day 8 - LTASS;  Thing are not perfect here anymore either - but first the good stuff

Day 8 - LTASS;  Bad news is (1) I see a seed that might be oozing; and (2) one of the sprouts was in a bad position and has become deformed.  It appears to have fused closed and the tap root has no way out.  I don't know what that holds for the seedling but I'll wait and see.

Day 9

Day 10 - BQDM first picture showing 2 fan blades already;  LTASS last picture shows the split forming for the primary blade

Day 10 - First pic is BQDM and remaining 3 pics are LTASS

Day 12 (February 23, 2008) - I think that tomorrow I will pot up the largest LTASS seedling and the only BQDM seedling

Day 13 (February 24, 2008) - I potted up anything green today.  BQDM in one cup and 2 each of LTASS per cup.  Top row are 2 of the LTASS seedlings and the bottom row is the single BQDM seedling and the final 'pot' shots.  There are 2 remaining LTASS seeds on the rocks but I don't really expect them to do anything.

Week 5 (March 16, 2008) - lost 3 of the LTASS seedlings to damp.  Still have one LTASS and the one BQDM


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