The 'Baggie' Method

After the 'soak' method attempt I had 12 seeds that did not germinate during three weeks of soaking.  The theory at the time was that these seeds had not broken dormancy.  So into little labeled baggies with about 6 drops of water and into the fridge for a couple more weeks.

Did it work?  Well, again, yes and no.  Only 2 of 12 seeds eventually sprouted.  EEMR (top row below) sprouted 6 days after getting out of the fridge and LWESQ (bottom row below) was a full 2 weeks later.  After beginning the 'soak' on October 28/07 it was December 12/07 (about 6 weeks) when LWESQ finally sprouted.

The remaining 10 seeds were finally thrown out.  But, still trying to find something that would work for me, I started the 'jiffy' method while waiting for the baggies to produce results.  The 'jiffy' results are ---> here.