Eric West - the man that tries everything at least once

Eric was the guy that suggested the 'On The Rocks' method to me back in December 2007.  He is continually trying new things with daylily and iris seeds to improve germination methods and rates.  He has even experimented with diploid conversions.  One thing about Eric - he does not care about where the seeds came from or who the parents are.   So if you see a pile of seeds all mixed together, well that's just how he does it.  He's more into the germination than the resulting plant.  For him, it's all about the seeds.

He has sent his photo journal of his trials that include both success and failures.  The following are his pictures presented with his permission.

So, first step as always is to harvest the seeds.

Then after some time in the fridge (or this can be done right away as well) they can be placed on the rocks.  Here are Eric's pictures.

 <--- Okay, this is a casserole dish!  He went for the

 big load on this one.  Great if you have a long cross

 that you want to keep together.

Things do not always go well.  According to Eric, an unviable seed or batch of seeds stays unviable no matter what method you use.  Here is an outbreak of mold that he tried to curb with a weaken bleach solution.  Some of the seeds did germinate but the majority did not.

And now some 'good' results shots

And then potting up and bagging.  Eric is trying a variety of potting mediums including sand only, peat only and (I think) vermiculite.

He has experimented with sand in the cups instead of the rocks.  He says it works but its too messy.

He has also tried to use fiberglass PINK but he said the roots tend to get tangled into the fiberglass.  To hard to remove them without damage.

Here are the transplants in the garden

Here's an attempt at ploidy conversion using surflan - it proved unsuccessful.  All of the treated seedlings died.

Here is Eric's method of pollen collection using the same 2oz dixie cups