The 'Soak' Method

I had heard of this method before I bought my first seed. One of the first packages of seeds that arrived in the mail came with a complete set of instructions on how to go about it.

The recipe called for 1/4 teaspoon of peroxide to 1 cup of tap water.  One drop of dish liquid and one drop of bleach were also listed.  Because I'm on well water the bleach made sense (to combat bacteria) and after recently germinating Iris seeds I knew that the dish liquid was a seed coat softner.

So here we go (October 28/07) - I mixed up the formula and put it into little gem jars, added the seeds and the labels, periodically refreshed solution

Did it work?  Well, yes and no.  Less than 1/2 (7 of 19 seeds) sprouted within 3 weeks.

Unfortunately after being planted into 16oz beer cups with Pro-Mix seedling soil, nothing broke the surface.  I waited for days and days, eventually poking around in the dirt trying to find out what was happening.  Nothing - they just stopped and were eventually tossed out.   Maybe I planted them too deep?  After seeing the 'rocks' experiment I think its possible.  The seeds would barely need any soil cover.  Also, I would not have known enough to plant them sideways at that time so maybe these were my mistakes.  Still does not explain the poor germination results though.

* Correction to prior reporting in the Yahoo daylily-spider group - I stated that I had 4 germinations and 2 surviving seedlings however those 4 seeds were not 'soaked'.  I had forgotten that they arrived here in a package of seeds already sprouted and I just potted them up.  The timing matched the potting of the 'soaked' ones and I got them all balled up together.  Labeling on the cups and my computer records have set me straight.  Of those 4 seeds I still have 2 seedlings (Memory Jordan X Lola Branham). *

As for the unsprouted seeds, well I didn't give up.  I popped them into baggies of peat.  You can follow that story ---> here.