My name, etc. is on the sidebar... over <-- there, left side of the screen.  Email address is in the black bar under my name.  If you want to drop me an email, click the black bar.  My time is tight most days, but I will get back to you.

Why the website?  Well, besides wanting a photo gallery...

I'm an info junkie.  I have spent hours, days and what would add up to weeks online trying to mine the internet for as much information as possible on daylilies.  What I've found is that the information that is important for beginners is scattered everywhere and a lot of it is stumbled upon in search of something else.  I'd like to dedicate this site to the gathering of that information for the beginner.  As I learn more, I will add to this site.  Anyone new to daylilies can come along for the ride as I try old info/ideas and experiment with new info/ideas and develop my own daylily style.

Why EzDaylilies?  That's easy... because they're so EZ to grow, of course!  :)

Throughout these pages you will periodically come across this icon .  These are digression points.  They are not informative, just little points where I veer off topic with a personal comment or observation.  You can survive just fine without reading them - or you can read them if you have time to kill at the moment.